Good Times and fun

Well, anticipating another snow day, I stayed up late and eventually waking up at about noon. Once I got my day started my dad and I took 2 more runs on the 'Driveway Run' (details). It was very icy compared to last night and we have at least four of my dad's crashes on videotape. We gave up after that and I'm hoping for one more snow day tomorrow. We'll see.


A dog wandered into my driveway. It looked so helpless and sad. Blake and I took it in, we named him Gorak. We took Gorak around the neighborhood looking for his owner. We did this for about an hour with no prevail. Finally we got his information off the internet. After searching for the address we finally found the house. Poor Gorak. What a dump. We had to tie him up because his owners weren't there. As we were walking away Gorak Logan Mitchell (Name we gave him, His real name, Family's last name) looked back at us with the sadest face. It reminds me of every movie and show. Where they find the stray dog and return him to their mean/abusive owner. Poor Gorak.


I was in Mexico for the whole week.

Trip Summary:

200+ Kleenex
7 Advil

At one point I had 16 used kleenex in my pocket. Still fun though.


There's an article online saying if you turn in tax cheaters you could get a reward. Listen to this paragraph:

"But don't start shopping for that beachfront in Hawaii just yet. To have a chance at collecting on your high-living relative or slimy former boss, you have to have the goods, follow procedures, ask for a reward and wait an awfully long time -- up to two years and more -- for the wheels of justice to turn. Even then, the IRS is under no obligation to give you a dime."

What a joke

End of the Internet

You know that commercial where the internet connection is so fast that the guy reaches the end of the internet. That's how I feel. So much time, so little content.


Both my teams lost today. Falcons and Steelers. I guess I should quit cheering for the underdogs. They always lose. Tommorow I'm waking up at 4:30 to go skiing. That should be fun. Gonna try to get some sleep tonight.