Cole Fitzpatrick (cole88) wrote,
Cole Fitzpatrick

Going to go to bed. My brother Brad is home college and we've been staying up real late lately. For some reason my keyboard broke so I have to use a really old one with a bunch of keys in weird places. Plus it's really loud. I'm going to go and get a new one between when my family and I go drop off Brad and go to my Indoor Soccer Game. I updated my webpage so now my journal is on my page. I want to do some further modifications but I think I'll do it later. I don't know. Got a new PC game called Triple Play 2001 it's a baseball game. Graphics rock and it has so many cool features like legendary players. In baseball I had a game today we beat Tualitin. I played catcher and 3rd base. I had a really cool bunt single down the third baseline. I played 500 with my family with a frisbee. Didn't win but I got really muddy and sweaty. My family and I went out to dinner for mothers day. Then we gave her the presents we got her. It's been a pretty fun day.

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